In-Store Check Cashing

6/20/2014 by Alan

Many popular stores offer check cashing as an added convenience, but how do these services compare to stand alone check cashing stores and loan shops? One national retailer offers to cash certain checks up to $1,000 for a flat $3 fee. This is a great bargain for larger check amounts, however you are limited to cashing only Payroll checks, Government checks, and Tax checks. Most check cashing stores will also cash personal checks and money orders, but likely at a higher fee or a percentage of the check amount

Some retailers that offer check cashing only do so through a third party kiosk. In those cases, you usually must register and complete a "membership process" before you can cash your first check. You will need to have a government issued ID in order to register.

Cashing checks at a retail store can be a great deal if the store will accept the type of check you are trying to cash. Just make sure that you bring an acceptable form of ID with you if you intend to take advantage of in-store check cashing. Many stores will require you to become a member of their financial services program, but it is usually a free, one time process. In any case, do your research and shop around and you may be able to save on fees and save a trip by cashing your checks the next time you visit your local supermarket, convenience store, or discount department store. However, for a more comprehensive selection of check cashing options use our directory to find a check cashing store near you!


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